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Guy Hargrave


The Church:  Where Church Makes The Difference
(Scriptural provision…)
We welcome all to come and visit a place where every spiritual thing matters and where people are found who are in quest of God’s will and hope; seeking for it alone above all else!  We are living in perilous times as many of the prophets and apostles prophetically uttered would be in the last day, and it is evident that the enemy’s ultimate goal is to wreak havoc of the moral stance of all peoples everywhere; as if rules and laws don’t matter.  There will be a day of accountability and a recompense of reward to all after death.  We must realize that it was the lack of obeying one rule in the garden that brought into action the spiraling downward effect of depravity, which in time led to the death of all and the only innocent one to have ever lived.  But for this cause did He come; so that we would be saved from sin and not saved in sin.  From that moment on the law would be more than a written law upon inanimate objects; but a law written and made alive by His Spirit in our hearts!  God’s word still implies the need both to hear and do. Hearing God’s word brings faith with conviction; then being convinced of our need to repent… turning or changing from our old way.  Afterwards; then being birthed into what God would have us be, into a living witness of His power and glory.  Come and allow Calvary and its provision to have the effects that God intended for it to have in your life.  We will treat you in so many ways that you are bound to like one and God will do to you what none other can do by filling you with the internal, joy unspeakable change for better.
With love and concern…
Pastor:  Guy Hargrave
PS:  Look forward to seeing you in church.