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The Miraculous

9/5/2016 Jeff Arnold   

Cleaning the Temple

1/22/2017 Pastor Guy Hargrave  Sunday Morning Adult Class 

BOTT 2020

1/22/2020 Raymond Woodward  #5 When Giants Fight 

BOTT 2020

1/24/2020 Michael Williams  #6 Take With You Words 

BOTT 2020

1/24/2020 Anthony Cox  #7 Baptism of Boldness 

BOTT 2020


It's Good To Know Where Home Is

1/29/2017 Bro Proctor  5th Sunday 

How to Receive the Holy Ghost

2/4/2017 Bro Billy Cole  BOTT 1991 

The Holy Ghost and Us

2/4/2017 Bro Stan Gleason  BOTT 2013 

BOTT 2020

1/24/2020 Forum Made Whole  Forum Made Whole 

BOTT 2020

1/21/2020 #2 Anthony Mangun  Make Us One 

BOTT 2020


BOTT 2020

2/9/2020 Rober Tisdale  Part 1 The Void 

BOTT 2020

1/23/2020 Robert Tisdale  Part 2 The Void 

BOTT 2020

1/21/2020 #1 David K Bernard  Protect the Anointing 

teach me to war

2/19/2017 Bro Justin Dagle  Sanday Morning Adult class 

Royalty is in the blood

6/11/2017 Gregg Davison  Sunday Morning 

Don't Loose the Awe of it All

6/25/2017 Bro Jimmy Henderson  Sunday Morning 

Because of You

2/19/2017 Pastor Guy Hargave  Sunday Morning 

Not Mine But Gods Righteousness

1/22/2017 Pastor Guy Hargrave  Sunday Morning Evangelical 

The Way The Truth and The Life

4/9/2017 Zach Long  Sunday Night  

Let God

2/19/2017 Pastor Guy Hargrave  Sunday Night  

In the steps of faith Part #1

9/8/2016 Jeff Arnold  Teaching series on faith 

BOTT 2020

1/22/2020 #3 Forum  The Mind and the Minister 

The Word In My Heart

2/22/2017 Bro James McCarty  Wednesday Bible Study 

Its Because of You

2/15/2017 Pastor Hargrave  Wednesday Bible Study 

A Healthy Heart

2/1/2017 Pastor Guy Hargrave  Wednesday Bible Study 

Its Because of You

2/15/2017 Pastor Guy Hargrave  Wednesday Night 

BOTT 2020

1/22/2020 #4 Vesta Mangun  What a Savior